We encourage our residents to love where they live and take pride in their neighbourhoods.

In 2020-21 we have



of office waste recycled


properties insulated


of waste generated by refurbishing homes recycled


tonnes of fly-tipping cleared



of items recycled via our furniture recycling scheme


energy efficiencies identified

Focus on... loving your neighbourhood

We encourage our residents to love where they live and take pride in their neighbourhoods.

We’re proud to support groups and individuals in our communities who take ownership of the environment on their doorsteps and do their bit to help ensure their communities remain clean and green places to live.

The people of Salford are known for their love of this great city, and that sense of pride is often instilled from a young age – as is the case with friends Jaydon Polver Cavanagh, nine, and Mika Lees, 12.

The pair recruited their friends and family to carry out a community clean-up and litter-pick where they live in Charlestown. They also organised a charity fundraiser which raised more than £500 for the Macmillan cancer charity.

We were proud to support their endeavours and presented all the children involved with a certificate to thank them for their efforts.

The Salford people are what makes this city so great and it’s wonderful to see our younger generations leading the way to make our communities live, grow and thrive together.

Focus on... Salford Litter Heroes

This inspiring group of volunteers are another recipient of our Springboard grant programme.

The team of litter-bug busters make it their mission to tackle littering and fly-tipping within Salford, organising regular litter-picks and clean-ups. Since forming in 2019, they have collected a staggering 6,000 bags of rubbish from across the city.

Earlier this year, the group was awarded £500 from the Springboard fund to purchase bin stickers, posters, high-vis jackets, personal protective equipment (PPE) and certificates for local children to help them in their crusade to improve the local environment.

The volunteers want to help make Salford a litter-free city educating local businesses, children and adults on how they can be part of the solution, and we’re very proud to support them in their mission.

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